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Level 5 was a nightmare!


Congratulations!!! You complete the last level!!!

I think the game make you rage hahah

Thanks for playing it :)

The "level" 6 is the ending, not another level, you cannot die there, it's only to choose what ending you want ;)

Thanks for letting me know. I'll post a quick video of the ending, sometime next week. I plan to check out more of your games, hopefully they are not too scary, lol! Let me know what you recommend.

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I created my other games to learn how to program, so they are not very good (say that hurts me). This game is the first "professional" game I have created. In less than a month I will release a new game that has been in development for 5 months. It's a horror game but not as scary as this one. It's inspired by Resident Evil. You can follow my account on to be notified when the game gets release. Thank you so much for your support to MrNoupGames! :D

Nice game. Here is my playthrough

Thanks for the gameplay :)

I think i must add more light to the game :)



Thanks for the video :D

I hope you enjoy the next levels :)

I really enjoyed this game it has a great concept. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the video :D 

I recommend you to search coins to buy abilities in the shop ;) 

Your welcome. Thank you for making it :)

Cool Game.

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Thnaks for the video :D

You must close the curtains to stay alive hahaha

I cant beat level two because of the music box lmao

Sorry, I cant do anything, but I can recommend you to repeat the level one to search coins and buy habilities in the shop. That will help you to complete the level 2 :)

SKIP TO 4:13!!!

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Congratulations for beat the game, not most of people do that :) 

Thanks for the video, it was very cool :D

(03:20) such an amazing game! I’ve never played FNAF but This looks the same.

Thanks for playing the game :D

Cool video! :)


I enjoyed the game made me rage a lil though :) 

Thanks for the gameplay :D

I think I made you be very angry in the video hahaha

Good luck if you try to beat the second night =) 

Not bad game, i like that it keeps you on the move.

Thank you for the gameplay :) 

The video was very funny :D


welp, this game was awesome. my only problem being the jumpscares and how they got progressively lest scary. maybe add new jumpscare animations? otherwise, the game was fun and challenging.

heres my gameplay.... i was calling the monster sexy lol

Good luck if you try to beat the fifth night :D

Of course that the monster is sexy hahaha

Thanks for the video :) 


Ooo boy does the panic set in haha i love games with this concept, especially making it more harder as you advance. although, i feel like there should be some store credits earned after you complete a level. for some reason, when relit the candle next to the bed, my screen froze. maybe a glitch idk but still a good rush!

Great work!


Thanks for the video :D

When your screen gets "frozen" you hide under the bed, thats an ability that you will need in the third night ;)

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My main issue with this game is how you sometimes take an extra step when moving in any direction, and also being able to TURN OFF MY CANDLES really annoyed me and got me killed at least 3 times.

The micromanaging gameplay and sense of death at all times made the game always feel tense.

Also the music box is a pain to manage on night 5, but not impossible I guess.

But, not bad at all, I'd recommend it to some friends to play.

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Thanks for play and recommend the game :D

And sorry about the candles :/

My friend enjoyed the game, im more of the full exploration kind of horror game but it looks fun. the monster would be better if more creepy, but it works for the purpose. nice looking textures!

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Yes, the monster should be more creppy but I dont really know how to do it :/

Thanks for the video :D

Maybe making it a model and having it to get in by the window. Like, you take too long to close it and the monster is entering the room with its slender body. 

Nice game!

0:40 in the video:

"The windows will be your worst nightmare"

So true for almost every computer user (-:

Hahahahaha, that's true

Heya! This game was really good, and kinda felt like FNAF in a way. It did get a bit annoying on night 5, but nonetheless i still enjoyed it. Here's my gameplay on this:

Thanks for the video :) 

And congratulations for beat the game :D


Really Nice and funny :D  Greetings from Germany

Thanks for the video :D

It was very funny :) 


Fun game! Enjoyed the panic!

Thanks for the gameplay :D 

It's a very cool video ;) 

Thanks MrNoup! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! Best of luck!

Thank you! 


This is really good! Only bug I encountered was that after selecting english in the main menu, the instructions following, as well as suring gameplay, were still in spanish. Not a huge deal, since the game is pretty straight-forward after a few minutes playing. Very intense gameplay! Here's my playthrough:


Thanks for the video :D

If you choose english 2 time as language you will have the complete game in english, that is how to solve the bug. Sorry about it :/

No problem at all! The game mechanics are easy enough to pick up on their own, which is a great thing! I liked this game a lot!


I LOVE THIS GAME. The stressful nature of this game is great and the way you have to move and listen to everything I love it, I beat this game and got the good ending PS love the way you have to end this game

Amazing! You are one of the little group of people that watch the good ending :D

Thanks for playing it :)

yeah no problem

Hello! i was not very good at playing this game but still enjoyed it because of its difficulty please ignore any screams of anger in the video i made i'm just a dummy dum :p i only managed to reach night 3 but i may comeback to finish this other than that great job and can't wait to see what else you create! 

Hey, your gameplay was too funny hahaha

I have no problem if you get angry when you died, it's normal hahaha

Cool video :D

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Thanks for the video ;)


Im SOOOO bad with games but i genuinely liked this! i only had a short amount of time to make a video today but i chose your game to play, ill probably go back to it at some point but this game was for sure worth a play :) 


Cool gameplay :D

Good luck if you try again ;)


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What does it mean?

You liked it, or not?

Okeyy hahaha

Still no mouse fix, Night 5 needs more mouse speed so if you can fix it then I will try! :/ ??

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You can modify it in the pause menu, in the options section. That is the update


It gets even more terrifying until you reach more levels. The only bug I had was the windows near the end of my video, but it was still an amazing game! i would appreciate a lot if you subscribe!


Thanks for the gameplay :D

Sorry about the final bug, I will chek it.

So far i have the lead, beat 4 Nights will try 5th night after the fix :) 

Okey, Im tryng to fix that :)


Amazing game dev so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

I liked the video, its so cool. I hope you enjoyed the game ;)

Sure i had so much fun and Thank you so much glad you liked it :) 

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Gameplay was amazing and the graphics are great. the sounds are well done too. my only gripe:

2) must implement like a snap to items kinda thing when you are close to the candles, or curtains because sometimes takes me forever to click

Hi, thanks for the video :D

I will check the interaction :)

Running out of time played just 4 Nights. will play 5th Night later. Awesome Challenging Game :) Just one problem, you must include the mouse sensitivity.

Thank you so much for the gameplay :D

I hope you enjoyed it a lot :)

And its true that you dont have an option to change the mouse sensitivity but im new in programming and I have no idea of how to do it hahaha  Sorry :(

How many Nights? 4 Nights done video Coming song!

The game has got five nights

In the "sixth night" you have to choose a good or bad ending!